Dan Simons Law Firm

About Dan Simons

Dan Simons was born and raised in Southeast Texas.

His family was very poor and was forced to live through the struggle of poverty. During his childhood, there were times when he was homeless and had no choice but to live in cars or tents to survive. Dan constantly faced problems and chaos in his family, ultimately being placed in foster care at a young age. He has four brothers and one sister; none of which ever graduated high school, much like his parents.

At the age of twelve, seeking some sense of stability so that he could graduate high school, he made the tough decision to move in with a family he met through the Salvation Army. Through sheer determination and hard work, he graduated in the top of his class and was named All-District Quarterback in his high school senior year. Dan became the first person in his family to graduate from high school.

After graduating from high school in 1996, he decided to serve his country by joining the United States Air Force.

In 2005, he moved back to Texas with the goal to further his education and become a lawyer. He graduated from Sam Houston State University in 2008, at the top of his class. He went on to attend the Thurgood Marshall School of Law in Houston, graduating Magna Cum Laude in December of 2011. He then received his Masters in Tax Law from the University of Houston in 2013.

As Assistant District Attorney, Dan handled thousands of cases and he tried; 29 Misdemeanor Jury Trials and had five acquittals; 13 Felony Jury Trials and had only one acquittal; 26 Justice of the Peace Court and Jury Trials. Dan had a total conviction rate of 84%.

As a Misdemeanor Chief in Criminal Court No. 14, he reduced the docket by over 200 cases in less than four months. This was a 20% reduction that reduced the burden on the court and saved the county cost. In early 2017, he left the DA’s Office to work in private practice.

In 2018 he started his own practice, Dan Simons Law Firm, focusing on criminal cases in Harris County, Fort Bend County, and Montgomery County, Texas.