"Dan did a fantastic job on my case. He was easy to reach and listened to my input."

Number of 5 Star Reviews- 100%
Dan Simons Trial Win Ratio- 89%

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Great Lawyer!

“Whenever I needed questions answered about my case, I was able to speak with Dan directly. He was able to get my class A dropped to a class B and i am very grateful! Great lawyer!”

Dan Saved Me From Having My Life Destroyed

“Dan saved me from having my life destroyed. I live in a small town near Houston and was arrested for DWI by the local Police. I quickly learned that the very people that are placed in power to protect and serve us, do it NOT FOR US, they do it TO US.
With that horrifying realization, I started searching for the most qualified legal representation available, contacting numerous firms to evaluate. I was particularly impressed by Dan, who showed genuine care and concern for my predicament. He was very easy to contact and took the time to answer all of your questions. He was very informative, explaining the process, to my satisfaction and understanding. With Dan’s aggressive representation in my defense, my case was dismissed.”

An Amazing Attorney

“Dan did exactly what he said he was gonna do and then some. He got my case dismissed faster than I expected him to. Dan made me feel good about how this case was gonna go after fighting it for almost 6 months but he only came into this case in the last few weeks and exceeded my expectations with what was going to happen. I would recommend Dan to anyone and everyone that needs a criminal defense attorney.”

Look No Further, Dan is the Defense Attorney You Can Count On!

“I was charged with possession and mentally preparing for the worst as I had a short time to speak with a few lawyers and make my decision on council. I reached out to Dan at Thiessen Law Firm on a personal reference. Dan gave me the confidence I was lacking by reviewing my case, discussing the options, then laying down a game plan. He had been a prosecutor in the court room I was assigned, knew the Judge personally, and even trained the DA that were present there giving him an advantage in negotiation. Dan got my charge lowered and I was put on a deferred sentence keeping me free and employed. He was even able to top himself by getting my deferred timeline reduced by a year! He kept the trial process short, and delivered the results he was highly confident in. I would strongly recommend Dan for his experience, prestige, and genuine care for his clients.”

Best Attorney, Hands Down

“I started with an attorney before Daniel. I had him for maybe a little over a month, I barely heard from him and he didn’t think I could win the case. I honestly felt defeated like there was no hope, but I got Daniel and the first few mins of talking with him gave me hope. He watched the arrest video and it seems he was more angry than I was. I heard more from him and two days than I did with the attorney before in a month. He had everything planned out he even took a video with his personal phone to reenact the situation. A lot of attorney’s wouldn’t of worked as hard as Dan did, I’ve witnessed that first hand. Dan worked like his freedom was on the line, on top of it all he beat the case before it went to trail. His greatness speaks for itself. I just want to thank him again for everything and believing in my innocence.”

Professional, Thorough, and Curteous

“Dan was appointed to my case midway due to my previous lawyer changing legal career paths. I was a bit weary having someone completely new to my case and their ability to perform all the tasks required and expected in my best interest. I was beyond satisfied to have Dan show up promptly to my court and his professional curtesy to talk me through all the details of this process. It was my first charge ever so everything was overwhelming and information overload. He not only succeeded in helping my case receive the best outcome, but made sure I was secure and aware of his guiding support at every step. I definitely recommend his services in any charge related to DWI. So grateful to have Dan as my legal representative.”

Honest, Experienced, Top Notch Fighter

“I was falsely accused of a domestic assault on my spouse and my immigration status for naturalization [being a US CITIZEN] was in jeopardy.On my arraignment date i ran into Dan Simmons [He used to be the Prosecutor] > knows the inside out of prosecution] at the courthouse.He is a genuine level headed guy unlike the washed up lawyers that you see when you go to a courthouse.They are all about what they can squeeze out of you but not mr Simmons.He is a straight shooter.He will let you know of your options from the get go and fight for you every inch of the way until you get the desired result.He got my case dismissed. A total 5 star.*****”

Highly Recommended

“Dan was more than helpful with anything and everything that I needed. He was very easy to contact and talk to. He responded very quick and was able to answer any questions i had. I highly recommend Daniel Simons!”

Informative and Very Attentive

“Mr. Simons was a very helpful lawyer throughout the whole case helping me with my fort bend case being a felony with priors and was able to reduce my charge to a misdemeanor which everyone from fort bend knows that is usually impossible to do. He kept going back and forth with resets until we believed we got the best deal. I would recommend him to anyone and guaranteed nothing but the best possible outcome. Mr. Simons was also very informative with explaining everything to me so I had no doubts as to what was going on. Very attentive with a very busy schedule I knew if I called and left a message he would get back to me promptly as well. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Enthusiastic and Confident

“I had spoken to a few lawyers about my case prior to contacting Dan Simons, and one man even brought me to frustrated tears for not allowing me to express my situation in full; but Dan took the time out of his busy schedule to hear me out and was very charismatic, plus he gave me the best rate out of anyone in the Houston area based on my circumstances. He was very enthusiastic about representing me which gave me great confidence in his abilities and professionalism. Though I am sure he had many other clients aside from me, he made himself completely available at any time and was reassuring in answering my questions throughout handling my case. He was able to get me a great deal with the DA that in the long run will return my good name and record; I never even had to meet with a judge. I recommend him to anyone needing a lawyer in the Houston and the surrounding areas, as he happily represented me out of Waller county. Thanks Dan, you are the MAN!”

Beyond Satisfied with His Representation

“Dan went above and beyond. He looked through all the evidence in my case and he filed for every bit of evidence he could to get me the best possible outcome. He was very informative and put all the options out in front and explained each thoroughly. He did not try to sway me in a direction, instead gave his professional advise and explained the pros and cons of each option. The plea deal he negotiated for me was unbelievable considering my circumstances. He does not Let the court waste his time not will he let the court waste your time. Very happy with his representation and look forward to being represented by him in the future.”

Excellent Representation

“From the moment I called Dan he was very professional. He guided me through the entire process with ease, was always available no matter when I called him and ultimately, I could not have asked for a better outcome. If you need legal representation, I highly recommend Dan Simons! A+ , 10 stars out of 10 attorney!!”

Great Counsel

“We were very pleased with Dan’s legal advice and his service. He kept us informed and was very prompt in getting back to us when we had questions. Dan gave us great counsel and was very professional at all times. He is well schooled in the law and we are very fortunate to have had Dan Simons as our attorney.”

Exceptional Attorney

“Dan was an exceptional attorney that got me the best result for my DWI. He always got back to me in a timely manner and answered all of my questions. Thanks again Dan!!!”

Honest and Dependable

“Dan was extremely helpful in guiding me throughout this whole process. He was honest and direct with me and my case. I truly appreciated his near immediate replies to my emails, text messages or calls. When you hire an attorney, you expect them to be available to you and Dan did not disappoint me at all. Dan was successful in getting my case dismissed for me. I hope I never need his services again, but if on that off chance I end up needing an attorney in the future, I am hiring Dan.”

Best Outcome

“Really liked being in touch at all times and Mr.Dan having all the answers. Kept me updated at all times. Took my case 3 months to be dismissed but that’s cause of the wait for the blood. I would recommend Mr.Dan to everyone. Thank you for all the help.”

Great Attorney

“Dan was great; worked very diligently on my case, always kept me informed, did everything in his power to help me. And he’ll he truly did. Got me a pre trial diversion in Montgomery county, which is very rare and difficult to acquire. Now I’m on the road to getting this case dismissed and removed from my record. Thanks a lot Dan, I truly appreciate everything you did.”

Excellent, Professional, and Thorough

“Dan was excellent, professional and thorough. He immediately found flaws in my case, did the research and fact finding to pin point the obscuritys and descrepencies. Dan proved the case was unwarranted and got the dismissal!! I couldn’t be more thankful for what he has done for me, thanks Dan and I wish you much success!!”

Great Attorney!

“Dan did a fantastic job on my case. He was easy to reach and listened to my input. Did a great job in the court room with cross examining the state’s witness and his closing statement sealed the deal in my favor. Thanks Dan!”

Fantastic very professional attorney! Treats you like family.

“Dan Simons with the well known Thiessen Law Firm in Houston TX, did an incredible job on my cases. I was trying to expunge and seal my records, and he did everything he promised. Which is very rare in the attorney world. What was really great and helped me relax in this stressful time is he treats you like family. He makes time to call you back and talk to you, besides seeing him in court we stayed in touch thru the whole process. This is also very rare in the attorney world. Most of them are really short and take forever to respond, or wanna communicate via email.
Dan Simons was very quick and effective he’s always a step ahead of the prosecutors and knows exactly how to deal with them very effectively and in a smart fashion. I was totally secure in him representing me. I felt like he almost treated me like a brother.
If you need a great and reliable criminal defense attorney definitely hire him. Whether it’s expunging your records and sealing them or a criminal case. He’s got your back, and will use his wisdom and experience to get you the best results possible.”

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